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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] FSF and human rights
Alessandro Vesely via Dng said on Fri, 26 Mar 2021 13:07:08 +0100

>Hi All,
>Debian is engaging in a disgusting attack against RMS:
>Does Devuan have resolutions to sign open letters?
>I'd propose to sign this one instead:

I'd suggest nobody sign anything, and nobody respond to this email.

If you believe that Stallman was removed, shunned and criticized
because of guilt by association, then it's not much of a stretch to
believe that you will suffer the same fate if you defend him. And then
any who defends *you* will suffer the same fate, ad infinitum.

Before you sign anything or do anything, ask yourself if this is of top
importance to you. Are you willing to risk your career, your position
in your community, perhaps the positions of your family, to defend
Richard Stallman? Unless the answer is an unmitigated "yes", I'd advise
you to stay as far from this issue as you can.

My response in no way implies my (very private) position on Stallman.
I'm just pointing out that unless you're willing to pay the freight,
and the payment may be a costly and may be immediate or delayed for
years, getting involved "for the principle of the thing" may cause you
later regret.


Steve Litt
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