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Author: Alexis PM
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] FSF and human rights
>>Hi All,
>>Debian is engaging in a disgusting attack against RMS:
>>Does Devuan have resolutions to sign open letters?
>>I'd propose to sign this one instead:
> I'd suggest nobody sign anything, and nobody respond to this email.
> If you believe that Stallman was removed, shunned and criticized
> because of guilt by association, then it's not much of a stretch to
> believe that you will suffer the same fate if you defend him. And then
> any who defends *you* will suffer the same fate, ad infinitum.
> Before you sign anything or do anything, ask yourself if this is of top
> importance to you. Are you willing to risk your career, your position
> in your community, perhaps the positions of your family, to defend
> Richard Stallman? Unless the answer is an unmitigated "yes", I'd advise
> you to stay as far from this issue as you can.
> My response in no way implies my (very private) position on Stallman.
> I'm just pointing out that unless you're willing to pay the freight,
> and the payment may be a costly and may be immediate or delayed for
> years, getting involved "for the principle of the thing" may cause you
> later regret.

Fear is the ally of injustice.