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Our mailing lists are interactive and all subscribers can write. We debate new software releases, events, projects, roadmaps in a friendly environment with good humour and cyberfreaks hanging around. The choice of language is open, just make sure someone understands you ;^)

If you are new to mailinglists, please read the Netiquette Guidelines (RFC1855) and in particular the chapter 3.0 about One-to-Many Communication.

The mailinglists hosted here are completely free, they are published on the web and can be searched in public archives. Posting to them is limited to subscribers and subscription is free.

Your email details will be never disclosed, neither will be sold to anyone. This service is provided as is, in the hope it will be useful but without any warranty. Anyone posting is the sole responsible for any information shared.

Useful tips for a succesful on-line life: Plain text, 72 characters per line Many subscribers and developers read their mail on text-based mailers like mail(1), emacs or mutt, and they often find HTML-formatted messages (or lines that stretch beyond 72 characters) unreadable. Most software mailing lists strip messages of MIME content before sending them out to the rest of the list. If you don't use plain text, your messages will be reformatted or, if they cannot be reformatted, summarily rejected. The only mailing lists that allow file attachments are the bugs, ports and tech lists. They will be removed from messages on the others. Do your homework before you post If you have an installation question, make sure that you have read the relevant documents, such as the INSTALL.* text files in the installation directories, the FAQ and the relevant man pages (start with afterboot(8)). Also check the mailing list archives. We want to help, but we wouldn't want to deprive you of a valuable learning experience, and no one wants to see the same question on the lists for the fifth time in a month. Include a useful Subject line Messages with an empty Subject will get bounced to the list manager and will take longer to show up. Including a relevant Subject in the message will ensure that more people actually read what you've written. Also, avoid Subject lines with excessive capitalization. "Help!" or "I can't get it to work!" are not useful subject lines. Do not change the subject line while on the same topic. YOU may know what it is regarding, the rest of us who get several hundred messages a day will have no idea. Trim your signature Keep the signature lines at the bottom of your mail to a reasonable length. PGP signatures and those automatic address cards are merely annoying and are stripped out. Legal disclaimers and advisories are also very annoying, and inappropriate for public mailing lists. Stay on topic Please keep the subject of the post relevant to users of software. Include important information Don't waste everyone's time with a hopelessly incomplete question. No one other than you has the information needed to resolve your problem, it is better to provide more information than needed than not enough detail. All questions should include at least the version of software. Any hardware-related questions should mention the platform (i386, amd64, etc.) and provide a full dmesg(8). Hardware model numbers, unfortunately, don't indicate much about the actual content of a particular machine or accessory, and are useless to anyone who doesn't have that exact machine sitting where they can easily recognize it. The dmesg(8) output tells us exactly what is IN your machine, not what stickers are on the outside. Respect differences in opinion and philosophy Intelligent people may look at the same set of facts and come to very different conclusions. Repeating the same points that didn't convince someone previously rarely changes their mind, and irritates all the other readers.

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