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Author: Michael Stroucken
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Update on the Green Hat Hackers attack
I like Devuan. I am proud to financially contribute to a project so
desperately needed in our time. But I would like to join others in
registering that this "joke" was in poor taste.

I don't know if it was one individual with Devuan who found it so
hilarious and single-handedly "defaced" the web site, and then added to
the uncertainty with the supposed investigation. I really hope it wasn't
a group effort. In any case, you may benefit from reconsidering the
policy on who gets to put what on the web page.

Leave the stupid jokes for the school playground. Do consider how you
would like it if the pilot of your next flight made an announcement that
they mixed up the kerosine with the salad oil, and they're investigating
the extent of the problem.