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Author: info at smallinnovations dot nl
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Update on the Green Hat Hackers attack
On 01-04-19 09:03, KatolaZ wrote:
> Dear D1rs,
> we have analysed in depth the attack from the "Green Hat Hackers" that
> compromised the Devuan infrastructure in the last hours, and we
> concluded that you all are:
>    ***** APRIL FOOLS *****

> :P
> Hope you enjoyed the new Devuan gopherholes, as they are most probably
> going to stay. Everything will be back to "normal" on:
>    ***** Mon 01 Apr 2019 01:04:19 PM UTC *****

> if you are wondering, unfortunately 1554123859 is not a prime number :\
> See you at the 1st Devuan Conference on 5,6,7 April 2019. For more info:
> gopher://www.devuan.org/0/os/debian-fork/d1conf-announce-20190119.txt
> Never forget to Live, Love, Linux, and have a good Laugh!

I do not mind being a fool but i expected the Dev1 team to be wiser then
joking about security. Another such joke and you have a mirror site less
in the future.