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Author: Arnt Karlsen
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Update on the Green Hat Hackers attack
On Mon, 1 Apr 2019 09:03:56 +0200, KatolaZ wrote in message

> Dear D1rs,
> we have analysed in depth the attack from the "Green Hat Hackers" that
> compromised the Devuan infrastructure in the last hours, and we
> concluded that you all are:
>    ***** APRIL FOOLS *****

> :P

..some things warrant a little more wisdom than what you demonstrated
here, e.g. Holocaust, war crimes, public safety, and privacy in less
than democratic places, and computer security is a serious matter for
e.g. whistle blowers, and we are not quite where we need to be on this.

> Hope you enjoyed the new Devuan gopherholes, as they are most probably
> going to stay. Everything will be back to "normal" on:
>    ***** Mon 01 Apr 2019 01:04:19 PM UTC *****

> if you are wondering, unfortunately 1554123859 is not a prime
> number :\
> See you at the 1st Devuan Conference on 5,6,7 April 2019. For more
> info:
> gopher://www.devuan.org/0/os/debian-fork/d1conf-announce-20190119.txt

..<snip mangled ascii art devuan logo>
> Once again, the Veteran Unix Admins salute you, and now invite you
> to celebrate community development and software freedom at the first
> Devuan Conference this coming spring!
> Devuan Conference #1: “THE POWER OF CHOICE”
> Starting: Friday, April 5th 2019, 13:00 CEST
> Ending: Sunday, April 7th 2019, 16:00 CEST
> Location:
> Amsterdam Houthavens
> Haparandadam 7, 1013AK
> The Netherlands
> Latitude: 52.396795 | Longitude: 4.880298
> Presentations
> - PID1: Welcome and Introductions
> - The Importance of Minimalism and Modularity
> - CI Galore: the Devuan SDK and the Docker Toaster
> - Make Your Own Distro
> - Competing with Giants: How to Sell Devuan to Your Company
> - Maemo-Leste Mobile Phone OS on N900
> - DECODE OS for P2P Micro-Services over Tor
> - Dowse: the Rod for Local Area Network Awareness
> - Running a Devuan data center
> - Demystifying init
> - … More to be announced
> Hacking sessions
> - Installing Devuan-live
> - Devuan with s6/s6-rc
> - Disk Encryption
> - … Suggestions welcome

..suggest a safe newbie-proof Tor and firewall default setup, under
the label "If you don't know what Tor or firewall is, or how to set
these up safely, click here to use our safe newbie-proof Tor and
firewall default setup." on our installers etc, e.g. with shorewall.

..conceptually, shorewall is about as easy to learn and understand
as the good old http://ipcop.sourceforge.net/ : ...

...and far more powerful, and remains alive and under
active development at: http://www.shorewall.net/

..at a minimum, we want: http://www.shorewall.net/Laptop.html
and _never_ the http://www.shorewall.net/FoolsFirewall.html .

> For those unable to attend, the event will be live-streamed,
> recorded, and available online.


..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt Karlsen
...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
Scenarios always come in sets of three:
best case, worst case, and just in case.