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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng, Mike Bird
Subject: Re: [DNG] Fwd: April's fools mess

1) please give any requests for removing one of the core members from the project or using legal enforcement a rest. KatolaZ apologized already several times. So please let it go.

2) KatolaZ, could you repost your clarifying statement in thread "devuan.org is back" signed with your gpg key. I bet it may have some signatures from other devuan core members. Mike, is there anything else you need to accept this statement as genuine?


Am 1. April 2019 22:12:45 MESZ schrieb Mike Bird <mgb-devuan@???>:
>On Mon April 1 2019 12:44:05 Antony Stone wrote:
>> No, I have complied with my country's laws regarding personal data
>> protection and taken "appropriate technical and organisational
>measures" to
>> ensure the security of the systems.
>You do not seem to understand security. Once there is the possibility
>of an attack the security of the system has to be proven or rebuilt.
>Usually this entails locking out the attacker, generating all new
>security tokens and keys, wiping, and rebuilding from trusted source.
>An email claiming it was all a joke does nothing to prove the system
>secure even if it happens to be true. It could equally well be false.
>Similarly Evilham's suggestion of a future offline "discussion" is
>too little too late.
>Maybe the prankster/attacker left another easter egg or a backdoor.
>Maybe he stole keys. Maybe a black hat snuck in while the prankster
>was messing around. Maybe nothing at all bad happened.
>You can't entrust other people's credit cards to "maybe".
>And certainly the prankster cannot henceforth be trusted with
>privileged access to any systems.
>But don't believe me. Talk to your lawyers.
>I was just hoping the surviving Devuan four would take responsibility
>for fixing things before I have to invest a few months in moving
>a lot of systems to a different distro. But as time passes with no
>action it's looking increasingly as if they have no interest in
>keeping Devuan viable.
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