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Author: Rod Rodolico
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] system administration of non-systemd distros and releases
One possible point to make is that, while many system-d sysadmins may
have initial difficulty with Devuan, there are tons of Unix sysadmins
who would be up to speed in a manner of hours.

Debian, Redhat, etc... are actually more "based on Unix" than "Unix",
and that process appears to be growing as more and more functions are
taken over by system-d. Just like you can say that OS X is "based on"
Unix, but you can not call it Unix except in the broadest terms.

By requiring system-d on their machines, your admins are locking
themselves in to an experiment which may or may not be there in a few
years. I personally think it will survive, but then I said the same
thing about Novell Netware back in the 90's.

By going with a distribution that does not rely on system-d, your admins
are ensuring compatibility with Unix, a 50+ year old OS that has a
proven longevity.


On 11/19/21 5:29 AM, Peter Duffy wrote:
> I've recently been asked to recommend an upgrade route for a number of
> linux servers, and I proposed going to devuan. In response, I've had a
> concern raised which took me by surprise. It was suggested that in the
> future, it may not be possible to find staff who have the skills to
> administer and manage servers running non-systemd or pre-systemd
> distros/releases.
> I've tried to give reassurance - but I'm still wondering if this could
> be a valid concern. I'd always taken the view that it's primarily the
> linux sysadmin community which is trying to stop the onslaught of the
> systemd juggernaut - but obviously, the greater the proportion of
> servers running systemd-based distros/releases, the less staff get
> exposed to non-systemd management techniques and tools.
> I'd be grateful for thoughts and comments.
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