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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
New-Topics: Re: [DNG] Opennic - (was: web conferencing software (was: something else))
Subject: Re: [DNG] web conferencing software (was Re: Any interest in a Devuan Meetup in Colorado Springs or Denver?)

>On Mon, 2021-03-08 at 06:40 -0700, Gabe Stanton via Dng wrote:

>Oh, and one more thing since you mentioned icann, one thing to note is
>that opennic also has their own tld system, independent of icann. As a
>community of operators, they can do that. Of course no one can access
>their tld's without pointing to an opennic server. Their main one is
>.glue but they continue to add them. Anyway, having their own tld's is
>another thing they're doing right in my opinion. If they don't end up
>being the best solution to the problem, I feel like they're leading the

Wait a minute. This could be cool.

Do iopennic TLDs conflict with icann's, or are they different? If they
are different, couldn't I just add some of opennic's root servers to my
Unbound root server file, so I can get the TLDs from either? How cool
would that be?


Steve Litt
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