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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Need install Devuan Beowolf but got "initramfs" prompt
On Mon, 1 Feb 2021 12:02:34 -0800
Rick Moen <rick@???> wrote:

> Quoting Adrian Zaugg (devuan.org@???):
> > It is difficult to help, if you don't write what you exactly
> > donwloaded, how you tried to install, on what system etc. It is
> > somehow like: "I ate somethin' for dinner and now I have stomach
> > ache. Please help me!!!" – what would you answer? Reading that on a
> > mailing list you probably would just ignore such a person ...
> I think someone should write an online essay called something like
> 'How to Ask Questions the Smart Way', to help such folks.

I'm old, but I seem to remember a web page with a similar name. Years
ago, I wrote those guys who run the web page, with my patented,
always-succeeds method of getting an answer on a technical mailing
list, and those guys didn't want to put my method on their page. They
said my method was "manipulative".

Because I have low self-esteem, I abandoned my method. Now, when I need
email help, I always use the same subject line: "Computer doesn't work",
and submit a 30KB or more file: Either an entire dmesg from the time it
booted last year, or five complete source files in RAR format. To make
sure I don't prejudice those who might help me, I never tell version
numbers, or whether it's Linux, Windows, Mac or BSD. If it's a
programming problem I never identify the language. I never say what I
hope to accomplish, because it's their job to tell me what I want to
accomplish. When I don't get answers, I send a whiny reminder every two
hours. When all this doesn't work, I use a web search.


Steve Litt
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