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Author: Didier Kryn
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] HW: Which brand and model of lapto have your successfully installed Devuan on?
Le 09/04/2020 à 03:56, terryc a écrit :
> Which brand and model(s) of laptop have people successfully installed
> devuan onto?
> How difficult was it?

    Installing Devuan/Debian always requires some knowledge of Linux
and experience of Debian is helpfull. You often need to have a few own
tricks to undesrtand roughly what's happenning and get out of traps. If
you have little experience, it is an opportunity to learn.

    I Have installed Jessie on 2 laptops running 64-bit Intel cpus:

    - a 6 year old HP EliteBook with Core-I7 (my daily computer),

    - and an older Toshiba Satellite with Celeron.

    Both have been upgraded to Ascii and the Toshiba recently upgraded
to Beowulf. On the Toshiba, the touchpad never worked with Linux but I
don't know if this has an hardware or software cause; I didn't
investigate because it is rarely used, and mostly by my wife who doesn't
like touchpads; it is essentially a spare laptop.

    IMHO the hardware concern is common to all Linux distros because it
is only related to how well the kernel supports the hardware. The only
machines for which there might be problems are the most recent and
exotic ones, like was a few years ago the Windows Surface.