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Author: Jaromil
To: unsystem
Subject: [unSYSTEM] notice of spam incident

dear readers,

at Dyne.org we are proud to host our own SMTP and mailinglists, but
that comes at a price of infrastructure, time and risk as most of you

On the 16 of September, after a long term bruteforcing attack operated
from a botnet of almost 2k notes against our imaps accounts, someone
got hold of the weak password of a community domain we host and used
it during the weekend between the 20 and the 23 September to send a
considerable amount of spam from our mail server.

As a consequence we have been contacted by our academic uplink in
Europe yesterday monday morning, while being blacklisted by a number
of services. We have since then identified the issue, identified the
breach, mitigated and took future precautions.

A full dossier on the accident has been made available to our uplink
as well to SORBS and other spam blocklist operators requesting it.

Most of the blocks imposed on our mail server will last until tomorrow
25 September, after that we presume our SMTP will be functioning
normally. If you notice any anomaly, please report it to me in private
and/or kindly proceed yourself to delist our mail.dyne.org IP.

I apologize for the inconvenience and wish everyone all the best


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  Ph.D, CTO & co-founder    software to empower communities
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