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Author: John Crisp
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Way forward
On 11/04/19 09:21, KatolaZ wrote:

> In the last ten days all those threee things have materialised, to
> different degrees. Hence, I have decided to withdraw from Devuan and
> will now take an indefinite leave from the project.


I tried hard not to waste too much time reading the ridiculous comments
on the April Fool. It was exasperating and pathetic, and a terrible
example for others to watch. A lesson in thinking twice before you post
in public.

To all those who kicked off, you really were Fools, and you have reaped
what you sowed.

Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas.

So who out of the complainers is going to pick up the slack that they
have caused?

Volunteers take one step forward.