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Author: Dr. Nikolaus Klepp
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Way forward
Anno domini 2019 Thu, 11 Apr 10:37:32 +0100
John Crisp via Dng scripsit:
> On 11/04/19 09:21, KatolaZ wrote:
> > In the last ten days all those threee things have materialised, to
> > different degrees. Hence, I have decided to withdraw from Devuan and
> > will now take an indefinite leave from the project.
> >
> Tragic.
> I tried hard not to waste too much time reading the ridiculous comments
> on the April Fool. It was exasperating and pathetic, and a terrible
> example for others to watch. A lesson in thinking twice before you post
> in public.

It was at least a perfect example that "politic correctness" takes out the fun of everything. Sorry that KatolaZ decided to leave, but quite understandable.


> To all those who kicked off, you really were Fools, and you have reaped
> what you sowed.
> Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas.
> So who out of the complainers is going to pick up the slack that they
> have caused?
> Volunteers take one step forward.
> <silence>
> #devastated

Please do not email me anything that you are not comfortable also sharing with the NSA, CIA ...