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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] What you saw on devuan.org yesterday was an April's fools joke
Dear Jaromil.

Jaromil - 02.04.19, 16:30:
> dear readers,
> as a Devuan caretaker and co-founder, in my own personal capacity, let
> me state that:
> 1. There was no break-in on any part of Devuan's infrastructure on 1st
> April. This was the most skillfull prank I've witnessed in my life.

Thank you.

For me it was not needed anymore, but I bet it is important for others
to regain trust.

> 2. Devuan comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Bluntly put, if you want to hold


Fully seconded.

> 3. At Dyne.org - a public ICT research institution working with the

Just so others do not need to search what ICT stands for:

Information and Communication Technology.

>    European Commission and some major municipalities - we use Devuan
>    in production. Clearly we need the reliability: so we work for
>    it. We are not only developing Devuan, but also we have an in-house
> continuous-integration infrastructure to build packages and new
> images for Devuan's many targets. I encourage everyone reading to
> consider contributing to Devuan and at the same time plan your own
> way of making a community project reliable for your own
>    professional use.

> 4. Katolaz is not just one of the caretakers of Devuan, but is by far
>    the developer making the most significant contributions to this
>    project. If it wasn't for him, we would be stuck at Jessie,
>    IMHO. For our community project, he has done:
>     - about 75 Devuan packages
>     - all the Devuan installers since Jessie RC
>     - all the minimal-live images since Jessie Beta2
>     - development on the Devuan SDK
>     - work on the sysvinit package in Debian
>     - maintainance of all our critical infrastructure, including
>       all the building hosts, jenkins, dak, amprolla, pkgmaster,
>       mirrors, BTS, file server, all the ganeti nodes, DNS, web,
>       and what not.

Thank you for filling that in. I knew he did a lot, but I did not think
it was this much!

Thank you KatolaZ for all you did and I add on top of it: For just being

Thank you Jaromil and all other contributers as well!

I appreciate your work.