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Author: Antony Stone
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] What you saw on devuan.org yesterday was an April's fools joke
On Tuesday 02 April 2019 at 18:46:28, Mike Bird wrote:

> On Tue April 2 2019 07:30:58 Jaromil wrote:
> > There was no break-in on any part of Devuan's infrastructure on 1st
> > April. This was the most skillfull prank I've witnessed in my life.
> You are easily impressed. And you double down on KatolaZ's
> irresponsible vandalism with a display of lazy wishful thinking.

Mike, please just drop this public display of your personal opinions and
decide whatever you want to do, and then go and do it.

As you've said yourself, several times:

> Sysadmins will now each decide for themselves or with their
> lawyers whether they can continue to use Devuan.

So, leave it up to sysadmins and whomever they wish to consult with to make up
their own minds. I'm sure none of them is going to whine on this list to the
extent that you have. You continued rants are getting us nowhere.

If you no longer trust or like Devuan, just go elsewhere. It's a free choice,
and only you can make it.

> If anyone finds a lawyer who says that it's safe to keep a production
> system on Devuan I'd love to hear their reasoning.

Well, as Jaromil eloquently pointed out, since you have no contract with
Devuan, and it is clearly distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY (I only capitalise
because that's the way it's written in all the notices letting you know), I
don't think you (or anyone else) is going to get a lawyer to express a
professional opinion either way.

I also fail to see how a lawyer can possibly decide whether it's "safe to keep
a production system on Devuan". What do lawyers know about software? Without
a contract and an agreement of liability, any lawyer is just going to say "you
want to use this software? Fine, your choice, no backup, no option to sue."

Please, take your own personal concerns about this unfortunately executed joke
and quietly make your own mind up what you want to do next.


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