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Author: Mike Bird
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Fwd: April's fools mess
On Mon April 1 2019 13:25:15 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> 1) please give any requests for removing one of the core members from the
> project or using legal enforcement a rest. KatolaZ apologized already
> several times. So please let it go.

I have not threatened "legal enforcement" against Devuan. However
those of us who use Devuan in production cannot continue to do so
if Devuan does not take this issue seriously, least we suffer legal
consequences ourselves.

> 2) KatolaZ, could you repost your clarifying statement in thread
> "devuan.org is back" signed with your gpg key. I bet it may have some
> signatures from other devuan core members. Mike, is there anything else you
> need to accept this statement as genuine?

I do not seriously doubt the authenticity of KatolaZ's admission
but there is no point in doubting or believing it as it avails

I'm curious as to the point Daniel Abrecht raised - whether this was
an agreed team effort or a lone prankster/attacker whose access can
be removed by the surviving core team members.

KatolaZ has admitted guilt. Evilham has suggested an offline
"discussion" in a few days - a positive but inadequate response.
None of the other core team members have commented on this fiasco.
I look forward to hearing that they have taken appropriate action.