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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] [katolaz@freaknet.org: devuan.org is back]
KatolaZ - 01.04.19, 22:46:
> Martin, All,
> all my messages have always been signed, so I don't understand what
> you are referring to. This message is signed as well, with my key,
> which is the same I used to sign all the Devuan install images since
> Jessie RC2 in April 2017, and minimal live since Jessie Beta 2 in
> November 2016. You can find it in any keyserver. The fingerprint has
> been included in my email signature since I can remember. Please refer
> to the archives of the mailing list or to any personal email you have
> received from me in the past.

Sorry, I see that now.

K9 Mail did not display even a slight indication that there is a
signature in your mails and before Mike's comment I did not consciously
check or recognize that your mails have signatures so…

KMail does, the signature is valid, it has signatures from some people
including a signature of someone I trust… that is good enough for me.

It might be good to do a key signing party at the conference.