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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Fwd: April's fools mess
Dear Mike.

Mike Bird - 01.04.19, 22:52:
> On Mon April 1 2019 13:25:15 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > 1) please give any requests for removing one of the core members
> > from the project or using legal enforcement a rest. KatolaZ
> > apologized already several times. So please let it go.
> I have not threatened "legal enforcement" against Devuan. However
> those of us who use Devuan in production cannot continue to do so
> if Devuan does not take this issue seriously, least we suffer legal
> consequences ourselves.

1) KatolaZ publicly apologized.

2) He wrote that he will make sure not to make such a mistake again.

3) He wrote that no one unauthorized had access to the infrastructure.

4) Devuan is a community project. If you use Devuan in production you
very likely do it without any support contract with the Devuan team
whatsoever. Of course that is no license for Devuan people to do bad
"jokes" like this, but it does also limit what you are entitled to
request from Devuan people.

5) Apt also has some safe guards.

In what way is that not good enough for you? What would be required for
you to forgive a mistake and go on with your life?

For me there is a point to just let it go… and for me this point is
reached here.

If you like a confirmation that it was just a joke by other core Devuan
core people, I am quite sure that this could be arranged. Maybe other
Devuan core people could reply to "devuan.org is back" thread, again
signed via GPG, confirming that it was "just" a joke.

For me the signed mail by KatolaZ is enough. I had contact with KatolaZ
already, for example when helping to kickstart cooperation between
Devuan and Debian (debian-init-diversity). I trust him and I see no gain
whatsoever in removing one of the core Devuan people and contributors
from the team for a single mistake like this. I trust that he did not
intend to cause any harm with that "joke".

So, please, is there anything else than removing a member or taking
legal action against one that could be enough for you to regain trust in
Devuan again?

I can perfectly understand when other Devuan core people decide not to
follow your request for such drastic measures. And I'd actually support
them regarding such a decision.

Remember, if you do not regain trust, you can always also use a different
distribution. While I actually indeed postponed an update of one of my
Devuan servers, I trust KatolaZ and just ran the update a few minutes