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Author: Manny
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Devuan and ReaR
Hi all,

I've been a Devuan user for years. I love the systemd freedom it offers.
Having said that, recently I wanted to try this backup utility called
Relax-and-Recover (Rear).
While rear packages are available on Devuan, the utility does not work
as expected and I believe it may be due to systemd not being there.

So on my Devuan 4 I did "apt-get install rear", and it installed without
a glitch.

It runs and creates the backup just fine, but then when it's time to
restore it blows, up and falls apart. The error is: "cannot mount ISO
because there is no /dev/disk/by-label/RELAXRECOVER"
I don't know exactly how and why this is, but if I duplicate the same
exact steps on Debian 11, it works without a problem.
I have tried this on physical servers and VMs, all running Devuan 4. All
fail the same way.

Basically I am reaching out to find out if anyone else out there uses
Devuan and has succeeded with ReaR. If anyone has, can you please share
that with me?
I could not find anything on Google about Devuan or non-systemd and

Any help would be much appreciated!