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Author: Radisson
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] starting mysql in background ?
i found an other solution
disabling innoDB_buffer_pool_load_at_start reduces startup time to an
acceptable level ca. 1min.

maybe that is of concern for anyone.


Am 17.06.22 um 19:32 schrieb Radisson via Dng:
> Am 15.06.22 um 19:12 schrieb Simon:
>> Radisson via Dng <dng@???> wrote:
>>> i would like to start my mysqld 8.0 in background because it takes
>>> several minutes to start.
>> Under what init/process manger setup ?
>> If under SysVInit, then I would suggest you could simply modify the
>> relevant init scripts to not wait for the process to fully start -
>> i.e. just return success as soon as it looks like it is starting
>> normally. But you’ll also need to modify anything that depends on
>> mysql such that it will wait for it to be available rather than just
>> the init script having exited normally.
> thx everybody,
> here are the more details:
> i use sysv-init with a simple start script in init.d.
> in the end the script starts mysqld_safe in background and
> waits for a pid. (yes i could remove that but i do not know the side
> effects)
> The problem is inside mysqld initilizing innodb can take minutes with a
> large database (unsolved problem).
> i already found startpar because i saw startpar -f mysqld but frankly i
> did not understand how to configurate it, and left it.
> The idea of running mysqld direct from initab sound funny and takes away
> alot of ccruft hanging around with mysql start script, did somebody try
> it already ?
> re,
>  pr
>> There is an argument that the correct way to start processes is to
>> simply start them all at once (zero attempt at sequencing) - and have
>> the beginning of each script (or other config mechanism) be a “wait
>> until my prerequisites (however I define them) to be available” step.
>> Simon
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