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Author: Brad Campbell
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] any gotchas in a new install?
On 19/6/22 01:57, o1bigtenor via Dng wrote:
> Greetings
> Am having entirely too much fun (doa psu followed by the mobo) but
> hoping to be very soon installing Devuan testing (daedalus - - - -
> sic!) on a AMD 5800X cpu with a Radeon 570X gpu.
> When I've been looking for info there seems to be lots of chatter
> about how the Radeon gpus aren't installing or working well on Debian
> testing.
> Any tips from those that have assembled a system in the last year?

Chimaera on a Ryzen 5600G.

Worked out of the box. I did install current linux-firmware from git, but only because I always do. Goes like a stung cat.

Whilst it's not a dedicated card, it's certainly a Radeon GPU.