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Author: Radisson
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] starting mysql in background ?

Am 15.06.22 um 19:12 schrieb Simon:
> Radisson via Dng <dng@???> wrote:
>> i would like to start my mysqld 8.0 in background because it takes
>> several minutes to start.
> Under what init/process manger setup ?
> If under SysVInit, then I would suggest you could simply modify the relevant init scripts to not wait for the process to fully start - i.e. just return success as soon as it looks like it is starting normally. But you’ll also need to modify anything that depends on mysql such that it will wait for it to be available rather than just the init script having exited normally.

thx everybody,
here are the more details:
i use sysv-init with a simple start script in init.d.
in the end the script starts mysqld_safe in background and
waits for a pid. (yes i could remove that but i do not know the side

The problem is inside mysqld initilizing innodb can take minutes with a
large database (unsolved problem).
i already found startpar because i saw startpar -f mysqld but frankly i
did not understand how to configurate it, and left it.

The idea of running mysqld direct from initab sound funny and takes away
alot of ccruft hanging around with mysql start script, did somebody try
it already ?


> There is an argument that the correct way to start processes is to simply start them all at once (zero attempt at sequencing) - and have the beginning of each script (or other config mechanism) be a “wait until my prerequisites (however I define them) to be available” step.
> Simon
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