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Author: o1bigtenor
To: Devuan ML
Subject: [DNG] do I need drivers for

Bought a mobo that said that there was room for 8 SATA ports and 2 M2 drives.

It took looking in the fine print to find that when using M2 drives
that one loses an
SATA port for each M2 drive.

So in a system with 2 M2s and a pair of SSDs for the operating system
I've only got space left for 4 SATA drives - - - - and I have 5 that
are to be placed in the case after everything is set up.

The case has room for some over 20 more drives than I'm starting with
so space is NOT an issue.

Have found some PCIe 3.0 cards with 16 SATA port count.

Do I need any kind of special driver to use this many SATA ports?

I've tried looking - - - - can't seem to find anything.