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Author: James Cloos
To: John Morris via Dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Devuan with usr merge?
>>>>> John Morris via Dng <dng@???> writes:

> So yes, it is time to eliminate /bin, /sbin and /lib.

the real result shod be eliminate /usr.

system packages should all use --prefix=/, local ones should default
to --prefix=/local, and closed src crap^Wstuff should use things like
/opt/FOO for a prefix.

linux, like att, calls bsd's /usr /home. the ample disk sizes mean /usr
has lost its value and should be gone.

> Wish I could say the same thing about the X11 vs Wayland divide. See
> the cold logic and theory in the Wayland argument but keep looking at
> the current reality and Wayland comes up short.

wayland has too many design flaws ever to be reasonsable. weston might
be salvagable, at least as a basis for a proper av compositor. but what
we need for that space is a daemon whose sole purpose is providing
interconnection between clients. like a sip proxy with a better protocol.
unix, ip/udp and ip/tcp sockets at least, perhaps sctp and dccp, too.
both proxy-style and enabling the two to negotiate direct sockets.
but all type sockets by default and from the start. when they use unix
sockets the can exchange a FD and there by arrange shared memory should
that be userful. but ip sockets must remain fully usable for everything.

input, for example should be clients. one for archaic stuff, by way of
the kernel, like the pre-usb stuff. plus one daemon for each usb device.
and eventually for ethernet-connected devices. (802.2cg w/ lp-wan style
ipv6 would work very well for input devices. and ch for things like camaras.)

wayland's anti-network design, and not having things like input also be
clients make it too broken for a useful future.

(of course cg's 10 Mbit bandwidth mean normal ip/ethernet also would work,
but lp-wan's 127-octet mtu and therefor smaller v6 packets may be better
for simple input devices and input's real-time nature.)

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