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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
New-Topics: [DNG] DMARC/DKIM (was: Re: To cc or not cc.)
Subject: Re: [DNG] To cc or not cc. (was: Devuan with usr merge?)
Ludovic Bellière via Dng said on Sat, 6 Nov 2021 03:00:38 +0100

>On Fri, 05 Nov 2021, Steve Litt wrote:
>>Me too. I'm on the list, and people cc'ing me when replying to the
>>list or writing to me and cc'ing the list just complexify my life.
>One thing to keep in mind is that not everybody contributing to the
>exchange is, in fact, subscribed to the list.

It takes a special type of hubris bordering on narcissism to email a
mailing list, to which one didn't bother to subscribe, and expect people
to jump through extra hoops to get back to one. The old "please cc me
because I'm not on the list" thing is presumptuous. And, as a good
citizen who subscribes to every mailing list he writes to, it frosts my
petunias to have to deal with pairs of email to accommodate such
self-centered drive-by emailers.

> Not
>only that, but one might want to cc the list as an archival purpose.

This is easily accomplished by sending the sole reply to the list. And
if I'm not on that list, it's considered a privacy breach and seriously
bad form to reply what I sent personally to the list.

>Or even send the message to multiple lists along relevant recipients
>which may not be subscribed…

First, cross posting to several lists is considered rude, it's despised
by many sysadmins, and it's really bad form. Add to such cross posting
that one isn't even a normal community member, and such a post borders
on spam.

>People interracting around here aren't prescient and do not
>necessarily know if you are, or not, subscribed.

Announcement: Steve Litt is subscribe, reads every DNG email, and
neither needs nor wants second copies :-)

You know, a more serious cause of this problem is this DKIM/DMARC
thing that cause mailing list admins to jump through hoops, including
bolting on a personal cc where one didn't exist before. I personally
try hard to remember to erase the cc inserted by DNG before clicking
Send. What would be even better would be if all mailing lists defaulted
to replying just to the list, yet still being able to somehow convey
the email address of the sender just in case there's a reason to email
that sender privately.

The biggest accomplishment of this DMARC/DKIM thing was to make email
such a mess that it sent even more of the dummy dwobes to Facebook, a
private club having a monopoly over communication. What could POSSIBLY
go wrong?


Steve Litt
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