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Author: Didier Kryn
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] FSF and human rights
Le 27/03/2021 à 13:30, Steve Litt a écrit :
> Alexis PM via Dng said on Sat, 27 Mar 2021 09:23:21 +0000 (UTC)
>>> Hi All,
>>> Debian is engaging in a disgusting attack against RMS:
>>> https://www.debian.org/vote/2021/vote_002
>>> Does Devuan have resolutions to sign open letters?
>>> I'd propose to sign this one instead:
>>> https://rms-support-letter.github.io/
>>> See also:
>>> An orthodox analysis entitled Justice for Dr. Richard Matthew
>>> Stallman, which recaps the whole story.
>>> https://jorgemorais.gitlab.io/justice-for-rms/
>>> A post, written by Hannah Wolfman-Jones, with a response from
>>> civil-rights expert Nadine Strossen, former president of the ACLU.
>>> https://www.wetheweb.org/post/cancel-we-the-web
>> I propose to extend the Devuan (and personal) signature of the quoted
>> letter ( https://rms-support-letter.github.io/index.html ) also to the
>> other existing letter of support (more detailed but little known)
>> https://gitlab.com/KenjiBrown/rms-open-letter/-/blob/master/index.md
>> (replicated at
>> https://github.com/KenjiBrown/rms-open-letter.github.io/blob/main/index.md
> You know, I might not be the best person to advocate for Devuan,
> because pretty much everyone knows my Daily Driver Desktop (DDD) is
> Void Linux. But I run Devuan on VMs, and if Void ever stops being
> viable, Devuan is my Plan B.
> I think pretty much everyone also knows of my anti-systemd advocacy in
> the critical 2014-2015 period, and I'm quite sure that advocacy cost my
> business revenue in the five figures category.
> But this isn't about me. This is about some very brave VUAs who built
> Devuan when everyone said it couldn't be done. Devuan is a very
> valuable resource to many, many people. Without Devuan, the cause of
> init-choice would be set back immensely.
> And now you're suggesting Devuan put that all at risk to take a stand
> on RMS. Well you know what? No distro should get involved with
> politics, and this RMS thing *is* politics. It cost Mint plenty of
> users when they said supporters of Israel shouldn't use Mint, and it
> just might destroy Devuan if they take a stand, on either side, on this
> RMS thing.
> Listen, if you want to sign that stuff, go ahead. Don't come crying to
> me if your boss fires you for cause for violating their social
> networking policy, and you can't get unemployment because you were
> fired for cause.
> But don't get the Devuan distro involved. Devuan is the work of many,
> many people, for many, many years, around the once very unpopular
> stance of init-choice. Don't put that at risk.

    I second Steve here. There is no point in involving Devuan, in
particular because certainly not everyone is on the same position. The
appropriate response is personal. The Debian attackers are packed, but
on the GCC mailing list 4 or 5 developpers asked individually for the
bannishment of RMS. I consider the responses should be individual. I
posted a mail to the GCC list and received a private reply by one of the
developpers asking for the ban.

--     Didier