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Author: Edward Bartolo
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Linux kernel boot causing screen to become unreadable.
Dear All,

Lately, on an HP Probook 4540s, while booting Devuan Boewulf the
screen becomes completely unreabled with unsynchronized lines of
pixels. I will not be surprised if this is some sick joke by HP, to
force their customers to buy new, but I do not know if this is the
case with what I am experiencing. The hopelessly corrupted display
persists even when startx is invoked, but the screen pixels indicate X
fails to load.

The 'joke' vanishes if I try to reboot the machine without switching
off power and startx works as if nothing of the sort exists.

I am asking but bearing in mind, the HP is not very Linux friendly and
that this issue might be some creative joke on their part. Afterall,
Aitor was right, that HP are not very Linux friendly!

Those who have a solution please reply. I tried the 'nomodeset' kernel
parameter but it made the issue even worse.

Thanks in advance.