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Author: Riccardo Mottola
To: Edward Bartolo, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Linux kernel boot causing screen to become unreadable.

Edward Bartolo via Dng wrote:
> Dear All,
> Lately, on an HP Probook 4540s, while booting Devuan Boewulf the
> screen becomes completely unreabled with unsynchronized lines of
> pixels. I will not be surprised if this is some sick joke by HP, to
> force their customers to buy new, but I do not know if this is the
> case with what I am experiencing. The hopelessly corrupted display
> persists even when startx is invoked, but the screen pixels indicate X
> fails to load.

Interesting behaviour. Do you have a ATI/AMD video card?

I notice the same behaviour on NetBSD, I recently reported it. It will
happen typically when there is some "system load" and both X11 as well
as framebuffer console go havoc. However, if you are remotely logged in,
everything works (so not "frozen")
I think something goes havoc with the driver that influences the chip. A
reboot fixes everything.
I dmesg I see various driver related errors.

I don't have the same laptop with Linux though, I have a similar amd64 +
ATI laptop with Devuan and I have no issues, but it is running ascii.

I fear this could be an issue related with updated drivers. Even more
incentivated to procrastinate Beowulf upgrade then :)