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Author: Edward Bartolo
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Linux kernel boot causing screen to become unreadable.
Dear All,

After the modesetting issue stopped manifesting itself for some days,
it started again, and now, it is almost happening with every system
boot. As the sceen is completely unreadable with unaligned pixels, I
tried the modprobe command without a display and paying attention not
to make typing mistakes, and attempted to load the i915 kernel module.
The result was, the display returned to normal, but some modules were
still missing, as I couldn't connect to a wifi. My conclusion is, for
some reason, these modules are failing to load.

A shell script checking for i915 and r6981 and loading the missing
modules can solve the issue, but others may have better solutions.

Suggestions for warkarounds, are most welcome.