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Author: Arnt Karlsen
To: dng
New-Topics: [DNG] OT? Re: ..devuan to the rescue? Easiest possible newbie email server setup, ideas?
Subject: [DNG] ..devuan to the rescue? Easiest possible newbie email server setup, ideas?

..devuan to the rescue? Norwegian ISP "Get" is ditching their email
service and pointing their clients to a paid service, which again is
pointing them to Gmail's ad laden services, drawing due scorn. [1]

..since we can do better, I'm thinking "Devuan Email Server Flavor"
sort of distro to put on an old pc or a Raspberry Pi, with all email
on local storage like I've done since the mid 1990ies. Which is
part of my problem: While Claws Mail is neat and easy, Fetchmail
and Procmail are _far_ from newbie friendly.

..expect the Get clientele to be total newbies, who may be capable of
entering their own email account data into a web browser interface
from their Wintendo, so our new email server flavor needs to be kept
as stupid simple as possible to setup and use.

..limit it to a pop3 and imap client and an imap server with local
storage? The big thing is control over your own email, on your own
hardware, in your own home.

..me, I use Fetchmail as an imap and pop3 client to fetch my email,
and Procmail to sprinkle it down my ~/Mail tree, and Claws Mail to
read it, and to write and to send my outgoing email, directly out
thru my isp's smtp servers. That's all I really need.

..the Get clientele will have similar needs, but will need their
"home email server" as stupid simple as possible to setup and use.
Easiest possible newbie email server setup, use and support, ideas?

..the competition:

..'1: The Norw. original news story:

..the above in googlish:

Get transferred its customers to email companies that will now have
paid. - Reprehensible, says customer 
Customers who previously used Getmail were transferred to Wemail this
summer. Now Wemail requires customers to subscribe to keep their email

Stein Jarle Olsen
Niklas Plikk
18 SEPT 2020 13:39

This summer, Get (now Telia) notified customers who have used the email
service Getmail that their email service would be discontinued and that
they would be transferred to the external service Wemail. The problem?
A couple of weeks later, Wemail was informed that in a relatively short
time they would demand a subscription fee of 19 kroner a month for
customers to keep their emails.

Wemail, which is run by the company Recurrent AS, explains on its own
website that they are a Norwegian mail service without advertisements,
and that they do not use data about customers for commercial purposes.
Therefore, they are dependent on revenue from customers. Wemail
apparently has no other customers than the previous Get customers.

Several readers have contacted and reacted strongly to the fact that
they now have to pay for a service that was previously included.

"Directly reprehensible," says one. "Incredibly poor customer service",
says another, who is also upset that Wemail gave customers "very short"
deadlines and in practice threatened that the email archive would be
deleted and the email address useless if you did not create a

He also points out that many people use these email addresses to log in
in many places.

- Informed in May
Information manager Daniel Barhom in Telia says affected customers were
not informed until May.

- Those who did not want to transfer the e-mail address to Wemail were
free to close their account then - and of course they still do.
According to our figures, there were approximately 25,000 customers
where we had registered that there was use of the e-mail account.
Pure TV customers at Get have not had Getmail.

Daniel Barhom in Telia says they knew that Wemail would charge, but
that the company takes self-criticism on the communication to customers.

The alternative was to close down the entire service, says Barhom - and
Telia did not want that.

- One of the many reasons for the transfer was that Wemail has the
resources to maintain and maintain an e-mail service in a way Get
could no longer, and it was then decided to discontinue the e-mail
service. Get then entered into an agreement with Wemail that they
took over e-mail accounts for customers who did not close their

- Did you know that Wemail would demand money from Get customers when
they were chosen as a player?

- We were aware that Wemail would eventually charge for the service,
but we were clear in our agreement with Wemail that our customers
would have a longer period of time to decide whether they wanted to
subscribe or not.

Telia takes self-criticism
Originally, the first payment was to take place on October 5, says

- But after feedback from customers that the information about payment
has not been good enough, Wemail decided to move the deadline for
subscribing to 1 December. This gives customers better time to choose
what they want. If it is not desirable to subscribe to Wemail, there
are a number of free e-mail services you can use, and Wemail is happy
to assist customers in moving their account to alternative services.

- At the same time, we acknowledge that the communication around
payment has not been good enough, and we apologize and take
self-criticism, says Barhom.

For customers who do not subscribe by December 1, the Getmail address
and email archive will be kept alive for 90 days. After that,
everything will be deleted.

However, there is a solution, at least to keep the archive: Gmail can,
for example, import emails directly from Gmail. Wemail has created a
separate guide (PDF) for this.

Telia Company

..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt Karlsen
...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
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best case, worst case, and just in case.