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Author: Dimitris
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] ..devuan to the rescue? Easiest possible newbie email server setup, ideas?
On 9/20/20 12:55 AM, Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> Easiest possible newbie email server setup, use and support, ideas?

in my opinion a home connection server smtp+imap/pop will not be very
usable. most rbl's block dynamic addresses so you won't be able to
deliver much...
i'd suggest a host/vps online with a static ip for that..

in anycase, there are some scripts that simplify the process of setting
up an email, but probably need tweaking to work with Devuan. eg..:

you could also setup a control panel software to set everything up for
you... (eg. webmin, ispconfig)..

note, that most common setup postfix/dovecot/spamassassin/clamav would
be really heavy on resources.. especially spamassassin+clamav.. so, you
might want to check rspamd as an alternative to sa..

just my 2c on easy mail server setup.

p.s. using isp's smtp seems in contradiction to privacy/keeping mail on
our own hands.. (?)