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Author: Mark Rousell
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] ..devuan to the rescue? Easiest possible newbie email server setup, ideas?
On 24/09/2020 07:30, Dimitris via Dng wrote:
> in my opinion a home connection server smtp+imap/pop will not be very
> usable. most rbl's block dynamic addresses so you won't be able to
> deliver much...

In some areas (e.g. the UK), the better ISPs provide static IPs so this
issue is bypassed.

> p.s. using isp's smtp seems in contradiction to privacy/keeping mail on
> our own hands.. (?)

I agree, it does rather but, from what I've seen, the greatest
difficulty with running one's own mail server nowadays isn't spam
prevention but is deliverability, especially to the larger service
provider (e.g. MS/Gmail/Yahoo). Since MS now provides mail services via
O365/M365 for a great many businesses, deliverability to these services
really matters. Sending via an upstream ISP's SMTP server just makes the
issue of deliverability much easier to handle.

Mark Rousell