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Author: Olaf Meeuwissen
To: Dng
CC: devuan-dev
New-Topics: [DNG] Website issues about beowulf.
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] [DNG] Beowulf Beta is here!

Olaf Meeuwissen via Dng writes:

> Hi,
> golinux@??? writes:
>> Dear dev1ers,
>> The Devuan 3 Beowulf Beta release is now ready for review. The
>> installer isos, desktop-live and minimal-live isos can be downloaded
>> from:
>> https://files.devuan.org/devuan_beowulf/
> Kudos for all the hard work put in by all of you!
>> Please report any issues you may experience to this list,
>> bugs.devuan.org,
>> freenode irc #devuan-dev or the dev1galaxy.org forum.
> I prefer submitting issues at bugs.devuan.org to prevent them falling
> thru the cracks :-) but I'm wondering whether they should go to
> - debian-installer, or
> - installation-reports

Mark pointed out devuan-installer. Thanks!

> I've so far found a few issues installing from the amd64 netinstall ISO
> (created 20200313)
>  - grub-efi-amd64 is not included (but grub-efi-ia32 is :-?)
>    - the server ISO seems to have the same issue
>  - not installing any of the extra software, not even the standard
>    system utilities, leaves you with a fairly badly broken system
>    - no network (ifupdown not installed ... :-o)
>    - weird behaviour of the backspace key (input is deleted but the
>      cursor moves forward instead of backwards)
>    - encrypted lvm with openrc only mounts / (with sysvinit other
>      filesystems are mounted)

The above holds even when the standard system utilities are installed.

> Background: I have been doing *minimal* air-gapped installs using the
> Devuan ASCII (and Debian buster) netinst ISOs without any trouble.
> Here minimal means zero extra packages, not even standard system
> utilities. When following the same procedure with the Beowulf beta
> ISO this no longer works :cry:
> Off now to try with the amd64 server ISO (on non-UEFI hardware).

The server ISO worked fine for an air-gapped install on non-UEFI
hardware. I expect it to fail installing GRUB on UEFI hardware because
the grub-efi-amd64 package (and its dependencies?) are not included.

I have since stumbled across

1. The *_netinstall.iso (~300 M) installs a minimal base system then
downloads additional packages from the Devuan repositories during the
installation process. Not to be used for offline installs.

in the Devuan Beowulf Install Guide[1]. I guess the guide is serious
about the netinstall image *not* to be used for offline installs.

[1]: https://beta.devuan.org/os/documentation/install-guides/beowulf/install-devuan

Fair enough but it deviates from, oh, a decade or so of previous
experience with Debian and Devuan netinst ISO image. There was some
mention in the Devuan meeting notes for 2020-03-19 (cannot find it in
the devuan-dev ML archives yet) about perhaps "rectifying" this.

Keeping finger crossed ;-)

Hope this helps,
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