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Author: karl
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Installer deficiency (was: netbooting Dev1)
> I meant the boot media as vmlinuz + initramfs or an ISO or something bootable,
> i.e. the contents of that media.
> Devuan does not provide such installation media / data.
> It seems that netboot (pxe-style) is not a target scenario for Devuan,
> which is a shame.


First, it may be unfortunately for you, but don't shame others.

Second, what do you want ?
Do you want:
 a, files for pxe style booting and installing
 b, a minimal cd (or usb stick) which is booted locally, and take
    the rest of the installation from the net
 c, something that helps you install on a large number of computers

/Karl Hammar