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Author: dal
To: 'karl@aspodata.se', dng@lists.dyne.org
Subject: Re: [DNG] Installer deficiency (was: netbooting Dev1)
> Do you want:
>  a, files for pxe style booting and installing
>  b, a minimal cd (or usb stick) which is booted locally, and take
>     the rest of the installation from the net
>  c, something that helps you install on a large number of computers
> Regards,
> /Karl Hammar


I can easily prepare such files from the so called "netboot" CD, but then
initramfs will be over 300MB, because it would have to include the whole
install CD image, to be functional, an order of magnitude more than f.i.
Debian's network boot media.

I have high respect for Devuan and would like to deploy it on a larger scale,
but the missing installer makes this less practical. Never mind, and thanks
for your helpful attitude Karl.