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Author: dal
To: 'karl@aspodata.se', dng@lists.dyne.org
Subject: [DNG] Installer deficiency (was: netbooting Dev1)
> > This is about which media and how
>> can be used to netboot Devuan at the installation time.

I meant the boot media as vmlinuz + initramfs or an ISO or something bootable,
i.e. the contents of that media.

Devuan does not provide such installation media / data.

It seems that netboot (pxe-style) is not a target scenario for Devuan,
which is a shame.

> As you wrote you have a lot of similar installations, I suggest you
> make a model fs and copy (dd) it to the new disks. And then using
> a selfmade script that sets up the config.

Thanks for the suggestions Karl, I appreciate that you are giving me a hand,
but these details are actually not what I looked for. I have a pretty solid
ground for the choice of the technologies (disk copying is not applicable,
for multiple reasons) but this thread is not about our systems. It is about a regrettable installer deficiency in Devuan.