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Author: Ivan J.
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Request for organization
On Tue, Jun 04, 2019 at 11:07:26AM +0200, Ivan J. wrote:
> Hello devs.
> I would like to propose an asynchronous task workflow that might benefit
> all of us. I'm saying asynchronous, because due to our timezone
> differences, and after all, general availability, we are not all able to
> be in the same place at the same time to discuss things.
> My idea is to have a central pad that we can always access and place
> tasks that need attendance in order of urgency on it. Something in
> this[0] manner.
> Once the tasks are in place, anyone picking them up would mark that it
> has been picked up and possibly notify everyone else by sending an email
> to devuan-dev@ and update everyone about the task's progress. Each task
> would then have a thread of its own.
> Depending on whoever thinks a task should be done, and wherever they
> read it, they should put it up on the pad. Whether it's IRC, or a
> Wednesday meeting, or a mailinglist, or d1g, it doesn't matter. What
> matters is that there is a central place. I am not mentioning bugs.do
> here because to me it seems that it might not work well for this issue.
> Please give me feedback on this so we can see if we can get things
> moving again.
> Thank you.
> P.S.
> I am not going to reply to any emails dealing with personal issues.
> [0] https://pad.dyne.org/code/#/2/code/edit/dsFabYd7GS165eXdcCb90CSW/

rrq and I seem to have started using the above workflow, without even
talking to each other in the meantime :) There are now emails on
devuan-dev@ with 'Task:' in the Subject.

I'll consider this as approval from his side.

I'd appreciate more feedback from others who have not spoken to see if
there are any constructive comments.

Thank you.