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Author: golinux
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Request for organization
On 2019-06-04 04:07, Ivan J. wrote:
> Hello devs.
> I would like to propose an asynchronous task workflow that might
> benefit
> all of us. I'm saying asynchronous, because due to our timezone
> differences, and after all, general availability, we are not all able
> to
> be in the same place at the same time to discuss things.
> My idea is to have a central pad that we can always access and place
> tasks that need attendance in order of urgency on it. Something in
> this[0] manner.

We have tried this approach many times like the "Post-ASCII Devuan
bikeshed" mentioned by Evilham. My cryptpad drive is littered with such
carcasses erm . . . pads. Pads kind of work but only if they are
actively and continuously visited and updated. The pre-release sprint
pads have been helpful while the long-term ones have not worked very
well because they quickly become unruly, hopelessly confused and soon
forgotten (like the bikeshed pad).

> Once the tasks are in place, anyone picking them up would mark that it
> has been picked up and possibly notify everyone else by sending an
> email
> to devuan-dev@ and update everyone about the task's progress. Each task
> would then have a thread of its own.

Would be nice if it could be that neat. When discussion is required
things can quickly get messy and confused and as always, soon forgotten.

> Depending on whoever thinks a task should be done, and wherever they
> read it, they should put it up on the pad. Whether it's IRC, or a
> Wednesday meeting, or a mailinglist, or d1g, it doesn't matter. What
> matters is that there is a central place. I am not mentioning bugs.do
> here because to me it seems that it might not work well for this issue.

This would work well for those who do not interact with the community.
For those of us who do, it creates extra work (so that others don't have

> Please give me feedback on this so we can see if we can get things
> moving again.

For me the problem is not so much reporting issues but communication
about changes to the infrastructure that could create issues BEFORE they
are done. IMO work on essential services deserves a mention that it is
going to happen and possible discussion about the timing etc. By doing
so, those of us interacting with the community can handle panic if
things don't go as planned. Unilateral unannounced decisions made over
the past few months have bit us several times (no need to repeat them
here) and that should definitely be avoided in the future.


> Thank you.
> [0] https://pad.dyne.org/code/#/2/code/edit/dsFabYd7GS165eXdcCb90CSW/