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Author: Olaf Meeuwissen
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Request for organization
Hi Ivan, list,

I'm just standing at the sidelines, chiming in.
Let it be noted that I've never used pads, only looked at them a few
times. I do use GitLab pretty much the whole day through.

Ivan J. writes:

> Hello devs.
> I would like to propose an asynchronous task workflow that might benefit
> all of us. I'm saying asynchronous, because due to our timezone
> differences, and after all, general availability, we are not all able to
> be in the same place at the same time to discuss things.
> My idea is to have a central pad that we can always access and place
> tasks that need attendance in order of urgency on it. Something in
> this[0] manner.

Devuan has a GitLab instance. Why not use its issues? With a suitable
set of priority labels and people assigning issues to themselves, the
workflow would be pretty much the same as below.

> Once the tasks are in place, anyone picking them up would mark that it
> has been picked up and possibly notify everyone else by sending an email
> to devuan-dev@ and update everyone about the task's progress. Each task
> would then have a thread of its own.

No need to send email as notifications are sent to anyone "interested".
Any comments would go into the issue itself, so the issue becomes the

You could also create milestones, e.g. beowulf, and collect appropriate
issues by simply marking them for the right milestone.

> Depending on whoever thinks a task should be done, and wherever they
> read it, they should put it up on the pad. Whether it's IRC, or a
> Wednesday meeting, or a mailinglist, or d1g, it doesn't matter. What
> matters is that there is a central place. I am not mentioning bugs.do
> here because to me it seems that it might not work well for this issue.

For a central place just create a suitable project on GitLab.

> Please give me feedback on this so we can see if we can get things
> moving again.

Of course, if everyone's more comfortable with pads and that works for
everyone that's fine too. As long as things start moving again.

My "top" priority issues:

 1. fix the repositories so ceres' codename just works again
    # Things look quite screwed up on pkgmaster.devuan.org :-/
 2. create a working installer for beowulf
    # Waiting for this since late March, 2019.

> Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hope this helps,
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