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Author: Daniel Reurich
To: Nick Rickard, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] calendars, contacts, to do lists
On 24/05/19 02:54, Nick Rickard wrote:
> On 23/05/2019 15:44, Hendrik Boom wrote:
>> I'm looking for software to handle appointment calendars, contact
>> lists, and todo lists.
> I use the Thunderbird Lightning plugin/extension. It has calendar and
> to-do list. I then use Baikal CalDAV / CardDAV server running on my own
> machine (http://sabre.io/baikal/) to synchronise calendars across my
> computers (via Thunderbird) and Android phones (CalDAV-Sync). I set up
> multiple calendars (personal, work, partner, joint, etc) to allow
> different views for each end user.
> Repeating appointments can be temperamental, and Google/Outlook meeting
> request integration can go a bit wobbly with things like commas in
> meeting titles (interpreted as field break), but gets the 'good enough'
> tick for me.
> I use a similar setup with thunderbird, and my upstream providers

Davical service, and it works fine. I use the sogo extension for
contact syncing.

The only issue I've had is that occasionally thunderbirds calendar
occasionally switches to readonly mode if a sync doesn't work properly -
which becomes noticeable when dismissing an reminder and it pops up 20
minutes later.

I'm planning to migrate over to my own mail servers running cyrus imap
which has builtin webdav/caldav/carddav since version 3.

Daniel Reurich
Centurion Computer Technology (2005) Ltd.
021 797 722