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Author: Ralph Ronnquist
To: devuan developers internal list, dng
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Of confidence and support and the future of Devuan.
Dan, I think you have been invaluable to the Devuan efforts, and I hope
you will keep contributing, as well as remain caretaker.


Daniel Reurich wrote on 23/4/19 11:30 am:
> Dear friends, fellow users and contributors to Devuan.
> I have come to a point of personal crisis with regards to my involvement
> in Devuan. I have given a great deal of time to bringing Devuan to
> where it is today. Of late have my efforts have been largely in the
> background in maintaining the build system as well as advocacy, and
> helping to maintain some packages, and working towards adding support
> for the ppc64el architecture particularly for the new TalosII hardware.
> Recent events such as the fallout from the April 1 joke, which I
> perceived it as a threat to Devuans image particularly with respect to
> the appearance of security, and my poorly expression of those concerns
> led me to be at odds with some of my fellow contributors and caretakers.
> In particular I contributed to making another valued member, and a
> fellow valuable contributor to Devuan, feel that he could no longer find
> joy in contributing to Devuan any further resulting in his leaving our
> community. I have apologised for this and continue to regret not having
> found a better mechanism for expressing my concerns in a more
> constructive way.
> The latest issue at hand and the one precipitating this personal crisis
> is with respect to the failure of ci.devuan.org. In this matter I took
> actions that although were done in good faith and with all due care,
> resulted in exacerbating an already broken server by trying to reboot it
> an action which failed and left the server broken and inaccessible. I
> rebooted under the assumption that the person that hosts that server for
> us would reasonably be available to attend to it if it in the unlikely
> event it failed to boot. I was wrong and should have checked he was
> available first.
> I am now at the point where given this latest assault on my character
> and contributions by Jaromil, that I must honestly question whether I
> continue to be useful to this community and Devuan as a distribution.
> It is now up to you to decide whether or not I should be holding such a
> venerable positions as caretaker, infrastructure maintainer and
> developer, and package maintainer of many Devuan packages remains
> justifiable and acceptable to this community.
> My reason for bringing this to the attention of the broad community is
> because Jaromil, one of my fellow caretakers has repeatedly taken
> extreme exception to my actions and communications to the extent where
> he has:
> - called for my stepping down as caretaker at least 3 times.
> - implied that I am incompetent in my administration of the devuan
> infrastructure I have been co-maintaining for the last 3 or 4 years, in
> particular the build system and until recently the packaging systems.
> - claimed that I act with impunity and entirely disregard the need for
> consultation on major decisions.
> - threatened me in private emails to wage war against me and destroy my
> reputation in this community and by implication the broader ICT, linux
> and open source communities within which I operate and make my living.
> and many other things.
> Therefore, I feel that unless the broad community of users and
> developers of Devuan continue to have and express confidence in my
> abilities to continue to be a caretaker and valued contributor to
> Devuan, that I must indeed step down as caretaker and cease contributing
> to this project as per Jaromils repeatedly expressed desires.
> I am extremely sad at having reached this point and recognize that this
> communication will itself further erode confidence in Devuan as a
> distribution. I do not want this, but I can no longer continue in the
> face of such extreme opposition to my efforts to contribute to what I
> believe is a fine and necessary project that I have come to rely on for
> my business and am deeply invested in.
> Devuan belongs to the community and that community must always hold the
> power to decide who it will entrust as it's leaders and contributors.
> Should you the community decide it is time for me to leave, I will do my
> best to take the time to hand over properly my responsibilities and
> share my deep knowledge to those chosen by you the community to replace
> me in an orderly fashion and then fade quietly away.
> Warm regards,
>     Centurion_Dan.

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