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Author: etech3
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] [devuan-dev] Of confidence and support and the future of Devuan.
On 04/22/2019 10:24 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Dan, it is _not_ time for you to leave. Please stay.
> I've seen only the public portions of these text-format interactions,
> but think I'm seen enough data to assess the basic situation. Although
> I'm a friendly outsider to Devuan Project governance, I've seen many
> similar destructive spirals in open source projects over many decades:
> It starts with well-intended individual actions taken without adequate
> consultation, which cause reactions from other parties who feel taken by
> surprise. When those reactions are in e-mail, or (slightly worse) in
> e-mail with a large audience such as on mailing lists, then a
> communication anti-pattern tends to take hold that drives the parties
> into confrontation, frustration, and perception of harm that could have
> been resolved if the parties had switched to more-interactive,
> more-personal, and less public means of communication -- such as voice
> telephone or Internet video conferencing.
> As to Denis/Jaromil's comments about the ci.devuan.org failure, yes, he
> spoke sharply to you about some of your initial steps, but, if you
> review what he said, the main points were that (1) better consultation
> should have occurred throughout and (2) he asked you to wait before
> taking additional action. IMO, if you set aside for a moment the tinge
> of personal accusation you're perceiving in what he wrote, you will see
> that those are reasonable comments from a project-management
> perspective.
> Back when I was manager of a department of system administrators, I
> told my employees that I'd shield them from problems visited onto our
> department from other parts of the firm and help their professional
> development, and in return I asked and expected two things: (1)
> Do their assigned share of our work, but equally important, (2) make
> sure I was never blindsided about anything they did, i.e., if there
> was bad news in which they were involved, I expected to hear it from
> them first and immediately, not later or from anyone else.
> Devuan Project of course differs in being less-hierarchical not to
> mention volunteer, but good and timely communication is every bit as
> important if not more so, and the antipatterns I've seen lately appear
> to _all_ involve failure to do timely consultation, and then reliance on
> known-problematic _asynchronous_ communication methods such as e-mail /
> mailing lists that are inadequate to the situation and tend to worsen
> interpersonal conflict, avoidably.
> Devuan has suffered enough loss, and I wish everyone would please
> de-escalate and to understand that e-mail is not the right solution for
> all communication needs, especially where there is risk of
> contentiousness and hard feelings.
> And you belong here, and would be greatly missed.