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Author: al3xu5 / dotcommon
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Way forward
Il giorno giovedì 11/04/2019 13:27:08 +0200
Edward Bartolo <edbarx@???> ha scritto:

> It was surprising to me to read what Jaromil wrote in one of his
> replies regarding the April Fools prank. In short, the statement was
> that Devuan takes no responsibility whatever the outcome of its use.

What's surprising about this?

Perhaps that corporations like Micosoft or RedHat and others, that sell
licenses or support fees at high prices, take some responsibility whatever the
outcome of their systems?

> Any invester will definitely make a lot of effort to avoid such a
> possibility that can ruin one's business, as confidence is a very
> determinant variable in economics.

investors? business? economics?

All this is not (or should not, at least I hope) Devuan!

I and other people here and out in the world, contributing and/or simply
using Devuan systems, we should essentially be interested in safeguarding the
principles (technical, ethics etc.) for which Devuan was born. Otherwise what
would be the meaning of the Debian fork that is Devuan???

Investors, business, economics are what mainly keeps me (and I hope many more)
as far away as possible from Debian, RedHat and many other corporations...
These are the same things that would also make DDD equal to others.

> This simple principle does not need
> a degree in economics to understand.

Maybe as well as the disinterested collaboration and the mutual exchange of
ideas and support are difficult concepts to understand for those who cannot
think if not in "economic" terms...

> Although, I was not present in the conferences, I can imagine what was
> the problem. That prank was completely misplaced: as someone replied,
> one does not joke with security.

But in this case security has nothing to do with it, and it was very clear and
evident that there was never any problem whatsoever: only corporate interests
(and individual paranoia and bullying, maybe involuntary) were involved. The
reality has been distorted.

I renew full confidence in KatolaZ and Devuan veterans crew, hoping that Devuan
will continue as done so far, keeping any economic interest as far as possible.



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