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Author: Andreas Messer
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Updated policykit-1 for Devuan
Hi golinux,

On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 03:04:30PM -0600, golinux@??? wrote:
> The latest update broke my beowulf VM a bit. Shutdown no longer works. It
> cycles back to the login screen and the pkexec launcher I created for
> synaptic is doa. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the fluid policykit
> landscape. Will the update process eventually correct this or am I going to
> have to do it manually? I really have no business running testing/ceres so
> I am a bit out of my depth but need to do so for the theming. Some
> kindergarten instructions would be appreciated. :)

My hypothesis is that the update removed your manually handcrafted
polkit packages. The current beowulf contains only the original,
systemd based polkit packages from Debian. So by updating these got
installed over your ones.

Maybe going through the following steps will help to
solve the problem:

First check if elogind has properly registered the session. On a terminal
from your window system do (as user)

    $ loginctl

this should give you a list of sessions, then using the session id:

    $ loginctl show-session <id>

The above command should print out some information. Important are the
following lines:


If that is the case, we have to check if correct polkit packages are

$ apt list "polkit*"

I get "installed" for the following packages (among some others, but these
are the import ones):

- libpolkit-agent-1-0
- libpolkit-backend-1-0-elogind
- libpolkit-backend-1-0-elogind-1-0
- libpolkit-gobject-1-0-elogind
- libpolkit-gobject-elogind-1-0

All packages must be of version "0.105-25+devuan1". If that is not the
case, the wrong polkit packages are installed.

At the moment you have to manually build them:

    $ mkdir deb-polkit
    $ cd deb-polkit
    $ git clone https://git.devuan.org/LeePen/policykit-1
    $ cd policykit-1
    $ git checkout suites/unstable-proposed
    $ dpkg-buildpackage -b

The last command might require you to install some packages. If so,
install them and repeat command. After build has finished. You'll
find the .deb packages in the parent directory. Just install them with

    $ sudo dpkg -i libpolkit*elogind*.deb

Finally you have to restart all polkit services in order to use the
new packages. For that, just do a

    $ sudo killall polkitd

Afterwards mounting/shutdown should be working again.

I hope that solves your problem.


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