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Author: golinux
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Added desktop-live to the install guides
On 2019-01-01 15:04, chillfan--- via Dng wrote:
> Validating the images is optional but I think it's useful to tell
> people how this is done for those that want it. That part could easily
> be rewritten to be optional and a recommendation only. That's my
> suggestion for this anyway. So something like:
> Installation images distributed by Devuan are signed so that they can
> be verified as coming from Devuan. As an optional step you can verify
> images to let you know they have not been altered prior to you
> receiving them.

I'll look at incorporating this later tonight.

> My preference would be for us not to repeat ourselves on the website
> in favour of simplicity, and instead just link to what we need in the
> intro.

Yes. Please make a list of anything you think should be linked to and
I'll incorporate into the site.

> About dd, I think that should be mentioned because otherwise users
> will look elsewhere and when it doesn't work they'll think our images
> are broken (this issue has come up before). So for users convenience
> and to be sure they are using dd correctly, we should provide those
> instructions.

dd isn't going anywhere.

> Whilst we will have more information and documentation for new users,
> I don't think we should write Windows guides. I think that would lead
> us more in the direction of ubuntu and others who adopted systemd.

Agreed. 'Nuf said.

There have been way too many Windows/Ubuntu references in this thread.
I need decontamination. LOLOL! We are not (and hopefully will never
become) an Ubuntu/Windows refugee camp.

> Cheers,
> chillfan