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Author: golinux
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Added desktop-live to the install guides
On 2019-01-01 05:52, Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Jan 2019 11:01:44 +0100, aitor_czr wrote in message
> <93007179-fc33-c2ea-5fb4-00cd732f53d7@???>:
>> Happy 2019 :)
>> On 1/1/19 10:46, golinux@??? wrote:
>> > Happy new year everyone!
>> >
>> > I've kicked off the new year with a late night session in gitlab
>> > tweaking the install guides and adding one for the desktop-live gui
>> > install. You can start here:
>> >
>> > https://beta.devuan.org/os/documentation/install-guides/start-here.html
>> >
>> > Navigation is at the bottom of the page. Please cycle through the
>> > pages and report if anything is broken.  If they look OK, I will
>> > merge everything to master tomorrow.
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> >
>> > golinux
>> Very good job!
> ..maybe a wee tweak in section "1)" of:
> https://beta.devuan.org/os/documentation/install-guides/live-gui.html
> where we might wanna mention the potential ramifications of leaving the
> default root password as "toor" going online during the install, e.g.
> with: "the default root password is toor and you want to change that
> default root password to anything else with the passwd command before
> proceding. Select your preferred option when you're ready."

Just catching up on the backlog of emails. Thank you all for

@Arnt . . . Thanks. Very good point. I have gone online from a live CD
many times and never given it a second thought! Duh! I just talked to
fsr and I will add that info at the very top of the live-iso install
guide as "Security alert". BTW, he of course knows about this, has
often advised users as you suggest and is even in his documentation
elsewhere. :)

For those of you who might not know . . . chillfan (aka dev1fanboy) has
written nearly all of the install, update, upgrade documentation for
Devuan. plasma (formerly NewGnuGuy) also helped with the editing of
these pages that were originally put together for inclusion on the ascii
isos that use the debian-installer. Now, fsmithred has prepared the
desktop-live content. This is a great team!!

(golinux bows)