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Author: karl
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] question on programming (maybe OT???)
> Some would consider what I want to set up as IoT, some might suggest using
> SCADA some would suggest a web based system - - - but I'm wondering if I
> could be served by something else.

1, keep it simple
2, do you need history, well yes

So, I'd do something that collects things at a regular interval and
puts it in a text file, one line per time step, one column per sensor.
A database management system like postgresql is just an unnessesary

When you have the data, you have to decide how that data relates to your
outputs (fans, heaters, window openers etc).


For the time step, I'd first start with the shortest step and then change
to a bigger step when I get a grasp of how the data behaves. Also
regulation routines might benefit of a small step.

Since you opt for wired connection (that is good since you don't want to
run around changing batteries, well you could use energy harwesting if
you are going advanced), you could use some data bus + power cabling to
keep the cabling low, e.g. classic CAN or RS-485 (polled).

Then there is the choises:
. public protocol or your own
. ready made leaf hw or do you build it yourself

When you have the data, do you program the regulation yourself or do
you want some possible expensive scada system. Regardless of the choise
here, the hard work is to figure out the relation between inputs and
outputs, i.e. how to steer this damn thing...

/Karl Hammar