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Author: o1bigtenor
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] question on programming (maybe OT???)
On Fri, Mar 22, 2024 at 2:44 AM Steve Litt <slitt@???>

> o1bigtenor via Dng said on Thu, 21 Mar 2024 08:41:56 -0500
> >Greetings
> >
> >Some would consider what I want to set up as IoT, some might suggest
> >using SCADA some would suggest a web based system - - - but I'm
> >wondering if I could be served by something else.
> >
> >Primary consideration is privacy and security, thinking of using a
> >wired rather than wireless system as a result.
> >Its a high number of input sensor 'weather' monitoring system.
> >
> >So there are a large number of temperature sensors,
> 5 sensors? 25? 125? 625? More?

(Snickering) - - - Only some 20 ish.
Then there are sensors for humidity, (calculations needed for dewpoint),
NPK sensors,
light insolation, light intensity, soil water levels, NH3, CO2, control
(is the !@#$%^ thing actually working) - - - so not quite a plug in 2
sensors and done system.

> What does each temperature sensor output? A voltage? A current? Some
> sort of packet? Something else?

There are a few different sensors that may be used - - - would depend upon
(Outdoor sensors need to be usable to at least -40C and some humidity
sensors need to
be able to handle physical condensation levels.)

> How many buildings are these congregated in? Are any outside? How close
> is each to the building housing your main computer?

More than a few. Yes, Area covered is some few acres and distance to main
is in the order of circa 100 m.

> Is there a way you could do underground wiring without restricting your
> ability to plow or till or irrigate?

Am working on a underground utility corridor (not just information to

> >Why am I trying to do this - - - in the livestock facility - - - - the
> >dew point gets to be real important!
> >Say its -5 F and there is at present no fans - - - the breath from the
> >animals ups the humidity - - - not that much of a problem but as a
> >result there is condensation that builds up. After a period of this
> >and it gets warmer well - - - I've had a swath of ice crystals about
> >5/16" cubic about 4' wide down the length of the facility - - - - NOT
> >good for the wooden truss members for sure. So I need to be able to
> >control ceiling (moist environment rated or industrial) fans and
> >exhaust fans to move or exhaust the air depending upon various factors.
> I think you mentioned somewhere I can no longer find that
> available commercial fan controllers can't take the low temperatures
> you might encounter. I think you could probably fabricate something
> using a triac. I assume every fan already has the proper voltage and
> power AC available to it.

Fan motors are actually EC motors - - - control is using a 0-10V control.

> >So for data - - - do I use web based systems (Django/Python and their
> >attendant overheads) or something like WxWidgets (similar overheads)
> >or a SCADA kind of system (Proview) or might it be possible to pull
> >the data into something like storage (Postgresql database) and then
> >use something simple like a text based document (I'm not that into
> >'purdy pitchers') to display values with whatever control logic
> >running on different ucontrollers. (I used ledger-cli and like the
> >elegance of that system)?
> Why not a log file? You can then use very simple Python programs to
> create reports based on the log file.

That's the third option that I listed.

> >
> >Suggestions - - - (yes I know I'm nuts) ideas - - - etc welcome - - -
> >please?
> Not nuts at all. This is the first time I've heard of an IoT system
> that solves an actual problem.

Commercial (read industrial) control systems are yammering about how
they're IoT - - - except they always have been - - - grin!

Some of the sensors will take some 'joy' to get without having to buy
proprietary systems and then getting them in low quantities is also a
problem (typically sold to system integrators in quantities of 1000s).

Some interesting ideas already - - - thanks!