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Author: o1bigtenor
To: Devuan ML
Subject: [DNG] question on programming (maybe OT???)

Some would consider what I want to set up as IoT, some might suggest using
SCADA some would suggest a web based system - - - but I'm wondering if I
could be served by something else.

Primary consideration is privacy and security, thinking of using a wired
rather than wireless system as a result.
Its a high number of input sensor 'weather' monitoring system.

So there are a large number of temperature sensors, (even like different
zones in my greenhouse), there are different humidity sensors (including in
livestock (confined) systems), then there are the fertility sensors, light
level and intensity sensors. The idea is to track the information from all
the sensors (haven't decided on the frequency at this point tossing between
every 1 or 10 minutes) so all this is logged.

Why am I trying to do this - - - in the livestock facility - - - - the dew
point gets to be real important!
Say its -5 F and there is at present no fans - - - the breath from the
animals ups the humidity - - - not that much of a problem but as a result
there is condensation that builds up. After a period of this and it gets
warmer well - - - I've had a swath of ice crystals about 5/16" cubic about
4' wide down the length of the facility - - - - NOT good for the wooden
truss members for sure. So I need to be able to control ceiling (moist
environment rated or industrial) fans and exhaust fans to move or exhaust
the air depending upon various factors.

So for data - - - do I use web based systems (Django/Python and their
attendant overheads) or something like WxWidgets (similar overheads) or a
SCADA kind of system (Proview) or might it be possible to pull the data
into something like storage (Postgresql database) and then use something
simple like a text based document (I'm not that into 'purdy pitchers') to
display values with whatever control logic running on different
ucontrollers. (I used ledger-cli and like the elegance of that system)?

Suggestions - - - (yes I know I'm nuts) ideas - - - etc welcome - - -

(I have used computers as tools for quite some time but this is the
beginning of my foray into programming and control via computer.)